Over Clock Your Graphic Card

In this Guide I will tell you how to over clock your Graphics Card under Windows XP/Windows Vista. First of all you have to download Riva Tuner from HERE. Then After Install it, when you start Riva Tuner for the first time it will make some registry info which may take some time. Then soon you get a screen like this

Then click on the customize icon under the Driver Settings

Then from the small menu which comes up click on the first option

Then from the window which comes up

Change your clocks according to your needs, don’t increase or decrease it too much, safe range is 50-100 MHz but some cards can go higher than that. After changing the clock speeds Test them and if they are fine apply them. Also if you want your Increased Graphic Speed to load automatically every time you start Windows check the radio button next to “Apply Over clocking at Windows Startup”.

Click on Apply and then click on Ok and then close Riva Tuner. Then play the game which you want to with better frame rates! Also if your games crash or you see some artifacts on your Screen while playing a game, lower the clock speeds a bit say by 5-10 MHz!

Article Submitted By Rajesh Pandey

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9 thoughts on “Over Clock Your Graphic Card”

  1. or if you have an ati card you could just use the ati overdrive utility that comes with the catylist control center

  2. too bad there are currently no ati cards on the market for less than $200 that have directx 10 and HDCP capabilities, like the 8600GTS for 150 bucks. Eat it ati.

  3. I have been doing tech for years, and IMHO, this is cool, but not worth it unless you have REALLY decent cooling, (that means not just the fans & heatsink combo that came with your computer/videocard).

    If you stumbledupon this, you probably dont need this info, and if you didnt, then you probably already knew about it.

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