Blog Update

To make page load faster , I’ve deactivated the SPA plugin now page will load faster then before . even I’ve disabled 4 more plugin also which were useless. If you still have slower rate of loading please tell me so that I can have a faster BLOG. Thanking You Kunal Gautam Site Admin

FoxMail An email Client

Foxmail is an e-mail clent used widely in china . It is relly good as compared to outlook express. Also one of the best feature is that it is Free You can obtain a copy of FOXMAIL from here Translated:- Though it is written in Chinese we can use it in English How …

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Will Back Soon

Dear Friends Due to my examinations I’m unable to post anything . I’ll be back to posting as soon as possible . Even after examination there is some celebration in our house so i’ll be busy in those . So please wait and see

A guide for C2D Overclocking

Part1. Tidying Up Your BIOS (not all BIOS may have those options) *You must update your BIOS to the latest version before proceeding* 1. Disable AI Tuning for ASUS ,C.I.A.2 for Gigabyte 2. Set PCI Express (PCIe) frequency @100Mhz (Auto for DS3/DS4/DQ6) 3. Set PCI frequency @33Mhz 4. Disable Hyperpath 3 (for P5W DH only) …

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Phunny PHP(easter eggs)

Friends Don’t Know why but I like PHP From starting . First I laugh at its fullform Hypertext Preprocessor . There are still Four thing that I use every day MS DOS Wordstar (I create most of the documents only in wordstar) PHP Scripts and Ebook Internet Most of the program have some secret codes/output function the reasons are …

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