Microsoft Starts Merging Talk With Yahoo

To Compete with Google, Both Microsoft and the Yahoo started merger talk. According to The New York Post Microsoft asked yahoo’s business for $50 Bn .?Both of the companies suffered huge losses in last few years. According to some news Microsoft has technical expertise that might benefit Yahoo!, one of the world’s most popular websites and capable of attracting millions of consumers a day. Last year, Yahoo! suffered because of its failure to convert to a new online advertisement system that was designed to close the gap with Google. So far, that system, which was codenamed Project Panama, has not boosted the company’s revenues. In addition, Yahoo! is facing increased competition to sell advertisers the graphical display ads that have been a large source of its income.

?Meanwhile, a merger could help Microsoft confront the key challenge of attracting advertisers to its online businesses. While the company has been working for the past few years to develop the technical ability to broker online advertisements, it has failed to attract sufficient business.

The two companies declined to comment on the reports yesterday. A spokesman for Yahoo! said: “We don’t discuss market rumors or speculation.” Analysts said that such a merger could yet be blocked by senior executives at Yahoo!. Co-founder Jerry Yang has a reputation of disliking Microsoft, even to the extent of avoiding using its products. Senior staff might also consider leaving if a takeover triggered a divestment of their stock options with the company. But I think that both of the companies already started merging as their IM Clients together which was big news for IMing world.

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Yahoo Closing Yahoo Photos

Yahoo is closing down Yahoo photos , and yahoo is asking their user to shift to its photo sharing site called flickr . All the millions user will get the notification in the month of June to how to shift to flickr .

Yahoo Photos is a more conventional photo-finishing site, full of family snapshots, while Flickr has attracted a passionate fan base of amateur and professional photographers who use the site to share digital photos online, and for whom printing is largely an afterthought.

According to data from comScore supplied by Yahoo a year ago, Yahoo Photos counted 30 million registered users, who had uploaded two billion photos as of June 2006.

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Photoshop Bitmap vulnerability

A French security researcher has revealed a flaw in the handling of Bitmap files within Adobe’s Photoshop program that can lead to an exploit of a user’s system.

According to the researcher, known as Marsu, a buffer overflow in Adobe products can be triggered while processing a malformed BMP, DIB or RLE file.

Affected programs include Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3, says the researcher. The exploit was tested against the French Edition of Windows XP SP2.

Danish security research company Secunia said the solution is simple: “Do not open untrusted Bitmap files.”
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