AMD 3500+

AMD 3500+

AMD 3500+ is the fastest single core available in the market by AMD.Even though AMD has a faster single core than AMD 3500+ which is 4000+ but it is rarely available.AMD 3500+ is available in 2 forms Socket 939 and SocketAM2.Socket 939 is dead but Socket AM2 has no noticeable performance difference over Socket 939.

AMD 3500+ Venice Core (Socket 939) carries 512kb of cache in the 2nd level and runs at 2.2 GHz and it achieves this clock speed by having a multiplier of 11 and a FSB of 200.It runs at a stock voltage of 1.350v which is quite good so as to maintain the heat level and will also help in Overclocking. Overclocking is also favoured by the fab process AMD 3500+ is made of which is 90nm which is better than its precessdors.AMD 3500+ is available in many cores like Manchester,Venice,Windsor.Of this Vencie is the best as it has a revision of E6 which is the latest revision of AMD 3500+ which means better performance and more Overclocking potential.
We used an ASUS A8N-Ealong with a GB of ram in dual channel and reached a maximum stable overclock of 2.7ghz.As you people can see an overclock of 500mhz is quite good and after Overclocking AMD 3500+ can beat the X2 3800+ easily in benchmarks and came quite near AMD X2 4200+ in terms of performance. The 90nm fab has done real good for Overclocking and later on as new revisions come out the Overclocking potential of AMD 3500+ will increase.

Special Thanks To:-Rajesh Pandey for writing Review

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