A guide for C2D Overclocking

Part1. Tidying Up Your BIOS (not all BIOS may have those options) *You must update your BIOS to the latest version before proceeding* 1. Disable AI Tuning for ASUS ,C.I.A.2 for Gigabyte 2. Set PCI Express (PCIe) frequency @100Mhz (Auto for DS3/DS4/DQ6) 3. Set PCI frequency @33Mhz 4. Disable Hyperpath 3 (for P5W DH only) …

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Phunny PHP(easter eggs)

Friends Don’t Know why but I like PHP From starting . First I laugh at its fullform Hypertext Preprocessor . There are still Four thing that I use every day MS DOS Wordstar (I create most of the documents only in wordstar) PHP Scripts and Ebook Internet Most of the program have some secret codes/output function the reasons are …

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Easter Eggs

Meaning? In the context of software an Easter Egg is a hidden feature or novelty that the programmers have put in their software . A true Easter Egg must satisfy the following criteria: Undocumented, Hidden, and Non-ObviousAn Easter Egg can’t be a legitimate feature of a product, or be an obvious part of a storyline. …

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AMD 3500+

AMD 3500+ AMD 3500+ is the fastest single core available in the market by AMD.Even though AMD has a faster single core than AMD 3500+ which is 4000+ but it is rarely available.AMD 3500+ is available in 2 forms Socket 939 and SocketAM2.Socket 939 is dead but Socket AM2 has no noticeable performance difference over …

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My First Blogging

This is my First Blog . well as I Know I’m Very Lazy , but still I’ll try to update This blog . If you have something for me just send me a mail at admin [at] tech-nologic.info