Call From Highest Peak Through Cell Phone soon

Now British mountain climber Rod Baber will reach on top peak sooner and will make a world record of calling from highest peak soon.Baber will use a Moto Z8 phone, a consumer-grade GSM phone that Motorola announced earlier this week and will ship in Europe and Asia in June. No plans for shipping the phone in the U.S. have been made, although Motorola has many GSM phones sold by U.S.-based carriers. Pricing has not been announced.
The Z8 has worked well in the cold and low pressure and has been used by Baber to reach his family and others, making voice calls and sending photos and text messages from various locations.
Previous voice calls by climbers have been made using heavy, large satellite phones, he said. China Telecom only set up a cell tower in Rongbuk, about a mile from the base camp last year, Baber said.
A line-of-site connection from Rongbuk is now possible with the north ridge of the mountain, a distance of about 12 miles, Baber said in the e-mail.