FoxMail An email Client

Foxmail is an e-mail clent used widely in china . It is relly good as compared to outlook express.
Also one of the best feature is that it is Free
You can obtain a copy of FOXMAIL from here

Though it is written in Chinese we can use it in English

How to convert in English ??
The process is very simple

Install the fox mail ( it is also in Chinese though you can do installation if u r an expert other can post here a comment I’ll mail/post it )

After installing go to program directory of the foxmail
Delete Chinese.lgb

After that it will be in English

Features that I like in FOXMAIL
1) Graphix
2) Multiple account support
3) Password protect accounts so that ur sister will not see ur personal mail
4) RSS/xml/atom/opml feeder :- there is also RSS feeder
5) Ticker tape on new mail arrival (you can deactivate it )