Intel Preps Quad-Core CPU for Lappies

2008 is gonna be an interesting year if Intel keeps its promises. You see, on their 2008 roadmap sits a quad-core Penryn mobile processor designed for intense gaming and hardcore power users. Quad-core to go? You better believe it.

Intel’s not saying how they plan on achieving this or what kinda battery life these lappies will have, but as long as they don’t fry my kneecaps or burst into flames, this will definitely be worth waiting for, even if only for bragging rights
On Intel’s 2008 roadmap is a quad-core 45nm Penryn mobile processor aimed at high-level gaming and mobile workstations.

The quad-core mobile chip will likely be different in some way from Intel’s current desktop and server quad-core chips, which strap together two dual-core dies inside a single chip package. One possibility is the release of a quad-core chip on a single silicon die – something that Intel has hinted will come in the future, but has so far not discussed in concrete product terms.