iPod user Beware

This is Info to all iPod User that using a iPod may contain Some health risk . According to a study Closureness to an iPod?cause?electrical interference?upto 50% in?pacemaker?due to electromagnetic interference.

The study was conducted at the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute at Michigan State University across 100 patients with an average age of 77, all equipped with implanted pacemaker devices. Thakers somewhat worrying results (which only focused on the iPod, and not the effects of other digital portable music players), were presented on Thursday at the annual meeting off the Heart Rhythm Society in Denver, Colorado.

While the test results are worth noting, the study’s senior author, Dr. Krit Jongnarangsin (who is also an assistant professor at the University of Michigan’s Division of Cardiovascular Medicine) conceded that the patient and age demographic generally associated with iPod use doesn’t coincide with the related demographic of those fitted with pacemakers, and therefore actual figures connected to possible misdiagnosis are hard to amass.

“Most pacemaker patients are not iPod users,” said Jongnarangsin in a Reuters report. “This needs to be studied more.”