New Initiative !

Well technologic Proudly Presenting Ebook version of the Every month Postings on the blog.

Well your Full Participation required for this project.

We at technologic can place ad of any site freely . If any one want his/her ads please mail us at submit_doraemon [ a t ] , a jpeg photo and link . we will place the ads

March issue here

4 thoughts on “New Initiative !”

  1. Rajesh Pandey / 05052007, 20:29:

    U got a creative brain bro Now u just need to post articles regularly

    Ajit / 05052007, 20:39:

    Idea is nice, but i think its too early for a site like this…

    gaurav / 05052007, 22:16:

    gud idea patent it or i will steal 😉

    Thanks to you all
    Well Rajesh i’ll Try to post more

    Ajit i started it early coz I’ve fear that someone will use my idea before me coz it happen two times already

    Thanks gaurav You are free to Steal my idea 🙂

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