so here is an duckky easter egg from Imageready CS2 Run image ready(i think version you know by the titile) Now with CTRL Key press click “Help” —> “about imageready” click (holding CTRL key) as shown in this figure where ever you want Then press alt key and press where you want ducks These ducks …

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ReactOS An Open OS Beating XP

ReactOS? is an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows? XP compatible operating system. ReactOS aims to achieve complete binary compatibility with both applications and device drivers meant for NT and XP operating systems, by using a similar architecture and providing a complete and equivalent public interface. ReactOS …

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Mozilla Firefox contains several option thrugh which we can tweek it and increase the efficiency of the Firefox for the faster browsing

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Blog Update (Added Feeds)

Friends i’ve added various feeds option (supported by feedburner) Now you have many option for subscribing our feed . stay tuned more Options Coming soon

Intel Preps Quad-Core CPU for Lappies

2008 is gonna be an interesting year if Intel keeps its promises. You see, on their 2008 roadmap sits a quad-core Penryn mobile processor designed for intense gaming and hardcore power users. Quad-core to go? You better believe it. Intel’s not saying how they plan on achieving this or what kinda battery life these lappies …

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Blog Update

To make page load faster , I’ve deactivated the SPA plugin now page will load faster then before . even I’ve disabled 4 more plugin also which were useless. If you still have slower rate of loading please tell me so that I can have a faster BLOG. Thanking You Kunal Gautam Site Admin

FoxMail An email Client

Foxmail is an e-mail clent used widely in china . It is relly good as compared to outlook express. Also one of the best feature is that it is Free You can obtain a copy of FOXMAIL from here Translated:- Though it is written in Chinese we can use it in English How …

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