Phunny PHP(easter eggs)

Friends Don’t Know why but I like PHP From starting . First I laugh at its fullform Hypertext Preprocessor . There are still Four thing that I use every day

  1. MS DOS
  2. Wordstar (I create most of the documents only in wordstar)
  3. PHP Scripts and Ebook
  4. Internet

Most of the program have some secret codes/output function the reasons are Explained In previous posts . So here are the list of some PHP Easter Eggs .


For seeing phpinfo() paste this code at end of PHP based URL




Just paste this code at end of URL of PHP Based Server



it is said that the dog picture is shown instead of the logo in the call to phpinfo() when the date is first aprill from this code



Paste these Codes at the end of url on PHP Based Server



According to some People
“The PHP Logo and Zend logo eggs are NOT eggs, they are documented as  php_logo_guid() and zend_logo_guid()”