Review : HP 2407WPF

Hp Lp2465

24 inch wide format display and great presentation features make the HP LP2465 a leader in great viewing. The system did well in our tests on both texts as well as graphics. It was particularly strong on display of photos and came up with sharp details and good contrast in its default settings. Its scores were somewhere in the middle of the range of performances available in this kind of high performing displays

Connectivity leaves quite a bit to be desired. With HP trying to target these at the enterprise users that might make sense. It has just 2 DVI-I ports, no DVI-VGA adaptor, no component video nor S-Video or HDCP support. That would have the enterprise IT managers worrying a little less but in home use that is likely to leave the user feel cheated. The monitor comes encased in a thin silver colored bezel and you could move around the screen quite well-get it higher/lower, tilt/swivel and so on. It has a on-screen intuitive display that shows accumulated usage hours.

Price is less competitive at $829 nowadays ‘bauce we have seen many cheap alternatives. Competition is with the Dell package mentioned earlier. But for a really cheap deal one may want to compare with Acer AL2423DR but then that lacks some features the HP unit has. Most notably the USB ports though image quality is comparable.